Kathleen E High
Kathleen E High
Kathleen E. High is an education and career consultant who aims to reach balance between two seemingly opposite paradigms for the people she serves and herself: professionalism vs authenticity and pursuing dreams vs living in the real world. She excels at working with individuals from diverse demographic profiles and tailoring her service to each individual, their unique situation, and their needs. She has a reputation for being very knowledgeable and providing a wealth of resources that allows her to address complex client situations, thus allowing her to holistically address education and career transition needs for adults of all ages. She has over 20years of experience teaching and counseling through working at private and public colleges, workforce development, for-profit, non-profit and faith-based institutions, and private practice. She is also an instructor for the official NCDA-sponsored “Facilitating Career Development” program and is a certified MBTI Master Practitioner Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)® and certified administrator of the Strong Interest Inventory®, and the M
Currently, she teaches various college-success classes at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California and has worked as a counselor at other colleges as well. She is also a private practice consultant working with individuals, mental-health counselors and institutions, and has volunteer experience supporting the unemployed through conducting workshops in a local workforce development career one-stop center and leading a support group for the unemployed in a faith-based community. 
She attempted college at 18, but was not ready to give it what it takes.  Therefore, like many young students, she repeatedly dropped classes, did not do homework, and just “floundered around” while attending the community college (mostly part-time).  Consequently, she spent 18 years at the community college before gaining enough self-discipline, focus and understanding of priorities to be able to finish the classes she started.
In the meantime, she had been working full-time for almost 20 years in various clerical jobs in the corporate sector until she was laid off in 1997 from a nine-year position. She realized she should take the opportunity to go back to school full time to finish her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She was a full-time employee on Friday and a full-time student on Monday. She finished the last 120 units of her BS in two years and both degrees in four years total. In addition to achieving approximately 150 graduate units overall, this journey required her to hold about 15 jobs over those 15 years to make that transition possible. The challenge of making this mid-life career change despite lack of guidance and financial resources prompted her to want to assist other adults who also want to pursue their dreams in a world of constant change and uncertainty.
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M. Ed.: College Student Affairs – Azusa Pacific University
PPS Credential: (in progress) Cal State San Bernardino 
Cert:  Christian Studies – Fuller Theological Seminary
B.S.: Communication – Public Relations – Cal Poly Pomona
A.A.:  General Education – Rio Hondo College
Additional Certifications
Certified Administrator MURPHY-MEISGEIER Type Indicator for Children®