Testimonials are offered from three different groups of people helped:
  • Private Practice Clients
  • Community College Students
  • “Understanding God’s Masterpiece” class participants


Private Practice Testimonials:

  • “This process gave me confidence and helped me to articulate my strengths, which helped me in my job interviews.”
  • “This helped me choose between several options I was considering. I was considering one option, but now I know that is not what I want. I am ready and excited to move forward in what I want to do.”


Community College Students:

Testimonials provided are not the exception; rather they are typical of responses from students in all classes.

  • Everyone should be required to take this class!
  • I would highly recommend this class for freshmen.
  • Students must take this class.  Absolutely helpful, especially knowing your personality. It helps you understand yourself.
  • After serving in the Marines for ten and a half years I realized how precious life can be. As you have gotten to know me you can see I am a little different from most people.You have not only worked on preparing me for my future in college, but also my future in life as a civilian.What I am trying to say is you are not just a teacher and mentor, but you are a friend.I really wanted to say “thank you” for all you have done for me and the kindness you have shown me.You know it is not my style to get emotional, but I am a person that has seen the worst in people and the best. I have lost a lot of great people in my life and the one thing I have regretted was not letting them know I am very appreciative for how they treat me… In life you have a small list of people who impact your life and I have to say you are on my list.

Understanding God’ Masterpiece” Class Participant Testimonials:

  • One young person said: “I learned that it’s ok to be who I am because God made me this way for a reason.”
  • Another young person said, “I like who I am!”
  • “This course is something that everyone should do. The knowledge that you learn about yourself and others is PRICELESS. I could go on and on…”
  • The most common response I have heard is “Everybody needs to do this!”
  • “Not only did I experience freedom to be who he created me to be, I’m learning how to understand others and more effectively minister.”