Community Service

Community Service

We live in a world of unprecedented change, which is impacting an individual’s ability to obtain and maintain long-term employment.  Many adults are finding themselves unemployed, and lost. Long-term unemployment has a far-reaching impact on an individual’s personal and professional life, including their financial status, relationships, housing situations, physical and emotional health, self-esteem, and even their ability to care for their pets.
Many institutions recognize this challenge and are attempting to address this social dilemma by providing various kinds of social services. My aim is to encourage and support such institutions who work at assisting individuals in meeting their educational, career, and personal needs while adjusting to a changing world.
Additionally, I also want to help open the doors between the different institutions who aim to address such needs. Encouraging various institutions to cross-refer as appropriate will facilitate individuals’ transition into new careers and other opportunities. 

Mt. San Antonio College

Collaborating with the president of the college faculty association, presented resources to faculty whose jobs were affected by new state legislation. 

Cypress College

Working as a counselor for Cypress College has provided opportunities for community outreach — both with the on-campus community, and the surrounding areas of Orange County. Outreach activities involve providing workshops on education, job search, and life skills.
  • High School Outreach: (2010 – 2012)
                    Hare High School – Career Day
                    Cypress College – Senior Day

Outreach Activities / Special Event Presentations

Public speaking as an independent consultant at events to educate individuals in transition and career development professionals:
  • “Helping Those in Career Transition Holistically: Their Success Depends on Identifying All Barriers” (California Career Development Association Regional Conference) 11/2015
Orange County One-stop Center: Garden Grove & Irvine​ 
– 5/2016 – current (presented monthly)
  • “Unemployed and Looking for Answers”  – 5/2016
  • “Planning for an Unpredictable Future” – 6/2016
  • “Managing Life’s Transitions” – 7/2016
  • “How to Get Your Dream Job” – 8/2016
  • “Job Search Tips for Unique Populations (Unemployed, Over 40, Over Qualified, Disabled, Veterans, Flawed Past)​” – 9/2016
  • “Generational Differences” – 10/2016
  • “Educational Choices You Won’t Regret Later: What You Need to Know and Do To Ensure You are Making Wise Decisions about Your Education” 11/2016
  • “Social Media & Career Success” – 12/2016
  • “Learning Strategies & Career Success” – 1/2017
  • “Managing Conflicting Priorities” – 2/2017
  • “Help – Asking, Giving & Receiving” – 5/2017
  • “Unfamiliar Worlds: Navigating New Worlds and Adjusting to New Environments (College, Work, Military, New Cultures, and Beyond)” – 8/2017
  • “Meeting Financial Responsibilities” – 1-2018
  • ​”When Skills are No Longer in Demand” – 7/2018
  • “Decision-Making Dilemmas” – 11/2018
  • “Career Opportunities for Creative People” – 12/2018

Non-profit Organizations

Many non-profit organizations provide help to individuals in need.  My involvement in non-profit organizations:

Faith-Based Institutions

Many faith-based institutions place a high value on providing compassionate care to a world and individuals in need. They often do this by providing help in practical ways, such as providing food, outreach, support groups, tutoring and job-search skills training, clothing, and life-skills training programs. To help address the totality of needs presented by the changing world, my intent is to assist in linking interested faith-based institutions to efforts already in place which attempt to address this social phenomenon.
Since at least the presidency of George W Bush, the federal government and other community-based organizations already recognize the value of including faith-based institutions in their efforts.