Services – Individuals

Kathleen is a Certified Career Services Practitioner (CCSP), Instructor for the NCDA’s “Facilitating Career Development Training and Certification” program, and a certified administrator of the MBTI, MMTIC, and Strong Interest Inventories. With over 20 years working in higher education, she can help clients who seek career satisfaction — especially when that process may involve acquiring additional education and/or skills training.
Typically, clients seek career services assistance with the following concerns:
  • Higher education decision making
  • Career options exploration
  • Assessment administration
  • Job search skills development

While those concerns listed above are the most common reasons for seeking help, your reasons for seeking consultation may be different.

Click here to download a list of special offers that are based on the most common requests for seeking career guidance services.
For individuals who are ready to start this process, the links below are for the editable and returnable forms that are included in the “special offers” documentation package noted above: