Professional Talents and Strengths

Student/Client Focused

Professional focus is based on what is in the client/students best interest, in both the short-term and the long-term as evidenced below. Focused on helping clients identify their dreams and goals, as well as helping them learn how to be responsible, productive and contributing members of their desired communities.

Assisting Non-Traditional Populations

Experienced at assisting individuals whose particular circumstances necessitate being treated as an “exception to the rule” because their situation or demographics put them outside of the institution’s standard profile of a typical client/student. Examples include:
  • Rebuilding Life After a Major Life-Loss
  • Mid-Life Career Changers
  • Unemployed, Mature Worker
  • Older (over 25) students
  • First Generation College Student
  • Major / School Changers
  • Undeclared/Undecided Student
  • Basic Skills/Academically Under-prepared Students
​Evidence of this talent:
This talent is a result of a combination of the other talents listed below.

Strategic Thinking

Possess an innate ability to quickly identify where an individual is in the career development process, identify all relevant barriers impacting their success at achieving their next step, and to offer solutions and resources for addressing those barriers.


Experienced and very comfortable working with students/clients who represent a variety of demographic backgrounds, such as age, gender, culture, socioeconomic status, education level, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, criminal convictions, and life and work experience.


Particularly adept at tailoring the message to the unique needs of each individual encountered, regardless of their personal circumstances. Each person’s unique talents, contributions and needs are emphasized. Rather than focusing on giving individuals simple, generic answers to complex problems, focus is on helping them apply the principles to their unique situations and challenges.


Personal life experience combined with this changing world has created a strong passion for empowering adults to take charge of their educational and career goals. In today’s world of unprecedented change, workers cannot afford to not do this if they want to keep themselves employed. This is a very rewarding purpose to pursue, so it flows into my community service activities as well.

Life-Long Learner/Knowledgeable

Naturally gifted learner, and tend to learn as much as possible about a subject matter of interest.  Intentionally work at keeping up with the latest developments in my field. Colleagues and clients/students often seek my counsel when faced with a challenge related to my areas of expertise.

Current and Global Perspective

In addition to tailoring teaching approach for each client/student’s needs, also work at helping them see the bigger picture and how it affects their own life and aspirations. It is not enough to help clients identify what they want. It is also important to help them see that things such as Labor Market Trends and person/environment fit will impact their ability to achieve and succeed at their dreams.