Mission Statement

Mission Statement / Philosophy / Counseling Philosophy

Professional Mission Statement

To empower adults of all ages with the tools they need to identify their unique giftedness. This will allow them translate those talents into opportunities which will empower them to contribute to society in a positive, meaningful and purposeful way, so they can survive and thrive in a changing world. This is accomplished through teaching and counseling on subjects of self-awareness, education, career and life skills; and consulting and collaborating with like-minded professionals and institutions addressing this purpose. 


Professional Vision Statement

To expand my reach of potential individual lives impacted through collaboration and consultation with like-minded professionals and institutions:
  • Teach, counsel, consult and collaborate on education, career and life success skills topics.
  • Engage in community outreach activities which inform the public on these topics.
  • Encourage and support a variety of institutions to work together in addressing the challenges that result from living in a rapidly-changing world.


Career Counseling Philosophy & Theoretical Foundation

There are several theories that shape my practice; but the primary one would be the Cognitive Information Processing Theory by Sampson, Lenz, Reardon & Peterson (1999). The world is changing so rapidly that Labor Market Trends alone can’t be depended on any more to guide effective long-term career decisions. My passion is to empower individuals with the tools they need to survive in this changing world. The best way I can do that is to do what this theory states: Help them become self-aware, understand their occupational options, and to help them develop good decision-making skills.