Direct Student/Client Support Topics:
Self Awareness:
   Career Assessments:
    1.  Learning Strategies and Career Success – Why Learning Strategies Matter
    2. Taking Information In  – Information Gathering and Processing
    3. Thinking About Information – Mental Processing
    4. Processing Information Together – Collaborative Learning
Education and Career Research:
Job Search Skills:
  • Social Media & Career Success  by Maintaining a Positive Online Presence (Social Networking, Photos & Videos, Email, Websites, Blogging and “Personal Branding”)
  • Networking Savvy Making the most of your personal, professional, and online connections
Developing Life and Coping Skills for Success:
  • Unfamiliar Worlds  Navigating New Worlds and Adjusting to New Environments (College, Work, Military, New Cultures, and Beyond)

Staff Professional Development Topics:
  • Facilitating Career Development (formerly Career Development Facilitator) Official Credential Program Offered by the National Career Development Association (NCDA). (It provides individuals with relevant skills to assist others in planning careers and obtaining meaningful work.)