Faith-Based Resources

Seminary Papers (Fuller Theological Seminary 2003-2005):
  • “Adult Formation” Class:
Supporting Others with Their Faith and Education/Career Conflicts and Challenges:
Biblical Reflections for the Unemployed
(Lead a support group for the unemployed at Vineyard Anaheim during the ‘great recession’ – 2012. They asked me to create some biblical reflections for them.)

  • The Power of Expectations
  • Count the Cost
  • See Trouble Brewing? Tempted to Retreat?
Other Topics:

(MBTI- faith-based class offered through a local church (2003-2005 – Granite Creek, and 2012 – Vineyard Anaheim)

Personal Miscellaneous Reflections:
(These are personal studies that are related to my profession and/or useful to a wider audience)
Faith-Based Books by Other Authors:​ (On related subjects)
(These readings can help someone better understand our changing world from a spiritual perspective.)

Bible and Assessments That Have Spiritual Applications: