Career Assessment – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

 Workshop:  Career Assessment – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Interpretation:  Ensuring Your ‘Best-Fit’ Personality Type

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  • Overview:
After having taken the official Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI)®, participants will engage in an interpretation session, by a certified administrator, where they will receive their personalized MBTI report, and an explanation of what that report means. Participants will also be given additional resources to help them understand the information presented and determine whether or not their report results are accurate. 
  • Learning Outcomes:MBTI Certified Logo
  Participants will:
    • Recognize the four temperaments as described in David Keirsey’s book, “Please Understand Me I & II”
    • Receive their personalized MBTI report
    • Relate to the four psychological preferences identified in the MBTI
    • Understand Carl Jung’s theory of cognitive function
    • Identify their dominant cognitive function
    • Know their personality-based decision-making style
    • Confirm their best-fit personality type
    • Connect personality to personal growth, spirituality, education, career, communication, teams, and living in today’s changing world
    • Discover resources to learn more about this fascinating topic
  • Workshop Presenter:
  • In-House Movie Video Clips:
              Keirsian Temperaments:
    •  Artisan (Johnny) – “Fantastic 4
    • Guardian  (Jenny-pregnant sister) – “Raising Helen
    • Idealist (Helen & Daniel) – “Raising Helen” & “Mrs. Doubtfire”
    • Rational (Dr. Gregory Larkin) – “Mirror Has Two Faces”
  • Myers Briggs / Temperament Indicator (MBTI):
    • Extravert vs. Introvert  (John Nash-Introvert) “Beautiful Mind”
    • Sensing vs. iNtuition (Ann Shirley-iNtuitive) – “Ann of Green Gables”
    • Thinking vs. Feeling (David-Thinking / Christine-Feeling) – “Friends With Money”
    • Judging vs. Perceiving (Frank-Judging / Helen-Perceiving) – “Yours, Mine and Ours”
  • Extraverted Thinking (Bruce) – “Bruce Almighty”
  • Career Decision-Making Styles
    • Bungee Jumping (EP) (Charlotte/Charlie) – “Monster-In-Law”
  • Gain More Knowledge:
  • Fun Stuff for MBTI Users:
  • Official Offers from MBTI Copyright Holders — The Myers-Briggs Company:
  • Miscellaneous Helpful Information:
  • Humor:   
  • Videos That Show Individuals Operating in Certain Preferences:
  • Related External Books:
    • “Introductory” handout booklets
    • Spirituality:

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