Pursuing a Passion? Consider the Cost

Workshop:  Pursuing a Passion?  Consider the Cost  – Are You Willing and Able to Give it What It Takes to Succeed?

  • Overview:

Many people have a desire to live a life in pursuit of passion. This can include living for a cause that it greater than oneself, or to make a living by doing what you love. Yet these things do not just happen, or even happen by accident. Being driven by a cause often involves planning, discipline, focus, and sacrifice. It also tends to consume one’s life and requires going against the familiar and the expectations of society. Therefore the consequences are many. This workshop will discuss those costs and help participants examine whether or not they are ready to pay the price to pursue passion.

  • Learning Outcomes:
Participants Will Be Able To:
    • Define What Goes into Pursuing Passion
    • Identify the Different Types of Costs Associated with Pursuing Passion
    • Determine Whether He or She is Truly Committed to Pursuing Passion

  • Downloads:
    • General
  • Handout Provided at the Workshop:
  • Related Movies:
  • Case Studies of Individuals Who Have Paid a Price to Pursue a Passion:

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