Meeting Financial Responsibilities

Workshop:  Meeting Financial Responsibilities 
  (Getting Your Financial Needs Met By Not “Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket”)
  • Overview:

This workshop will give participants helpful and practical information designed to help them identify the attitudes and expectations that allow them to find creative solutions to addressing their financial needs. It will also help them  explore many options for generating income, lowering  financial responsibilities, reducing expenses, and identifying resources for coping with seasons of financial emergency, such as a loss of income.

  • Learning Outcomes:
Participants will:
    • Understand how expectations affect their ability to think creatively.
    • Develop options available for establishing a source of income.
    • Gain tips for lowering financial responsibilities.
    • Gain strategies and tips for reducing expenses.
    • Identify solutions for handling seasons of financial emergencies. 
  • Downloads:
    • Article: “Slash Careers”  (How to Create a Career without a Full-Time Job: ​How some workers cobble together careers with a variety of income streams) – based on the book below “One Person/Multiple Careers”
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