Help – Asking, Giving, and Receiving

Workshop:  Help – Asking, Giving, and Receiving – Solving Problems Without Ruining Relationships
  • Overview:
Going through new seasons of life, or seasons of adversity, requires learning how to do things differently. Navigating these seasons often involves getting help from others – people and institutions. Yet, the American culture is one that expects people to be self-sufficient in all situations, and to ‘pick oneself up by their own bootstraps’. Therefore, for many adults, asking, giving and receiving help can be a foreign concept, and thus may have difficulty doing so in a way that does not create stress and strain on relationships. This workshop will identify what affects helping, assist participants to clarify the actual need; identify who, when, where and how to ask for help; recognize how to respond when receiving help; and respond to requests for help from others.
  • Learning Outcomes:
Participants Will Be Able To:
    • Identify What Factors Affect Helping
    • Articulate the True Need
    • Identify Who, When, and Where to Ask for Help
    • Recognize How to Respond When Receiving Help
    • Know How to Respond to Requests for Help from Others

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