Learning Strategies and Career Success

Workshop:  Learning Strategies and Career Success:  Why Learning Strategies Matter


There are many ways to teach and learn, and several things that affect the learning process. Learning is required throughout life, and a person’s ability to learn will impact his/her academic and career success. This workshop introduces participants to three types of theories related to how people take in, process, and apply new knowledge. Individuals will take an assessment to identify their preferred sensory style of receiving new information, and will receive many tips for utilizing those preferred ways of learning. Tips and tricks for adapting to different teaching styles will also be discussed.

Learning Outcomes:

      Participants will be able to:
  • Identify why it is important to know about learning styles
  • Associate life transitions with a need for learning
  • Register that there is a difference between teaching and learning
  • Recognize multiple styles available for teaching, learning, and studying
  • Identify how personality affects learning preferences
  • Recognize three categories that most learning styles theories will fit into
  • Acquire tips for adapting to teacher’s whose style is different from theirs
  • Receive tips for improving their learning efforts
  • Develop adaptive skills for dealing with different teaching styles
  • Identify helpful resources for adapting to different teaching styles
  • Downloads:
           Note: Due to depth of content, the information provided is
           broken down into four parts:
    1. Learning Strategies & Career Success:  Why Learning Strategies Matter
    2. Taking Information In:  Information Gathering & Processing
    3. Thinking About Information: Mental Processing
    4. Processing Information Together:  Collaborative Learning
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