When Skills are No Longer in Demand

Workshop:  When Skills are No Longer in Demand:  What Should You Do When You See the Warning Signs?

  • Overview:

The world is in a state of constant change and it affects people’s jobs. Some people may discover at mid-career or pre-retirement age that their careers and/or the skills they have developed over time are no longer in demand. Should they try to find other employment, they will discover limited prospects with their current skill-set. This can be scary, and most adults do not know how to respond. Participants will discover options, resources and activities that can help them navigate this transition in their lives, and make decisions about what to do next.

  • Learning Outcomes:
         Participants will:
    • Understand that the world is in a constant state of rapid change which affects demand for their skill set
    • Identify what emotional responses they are experiencing
    • Identify some coping strategies for dealing with emotional reactions
    • Recognize helpful responses for keeping jobs during uncertain times
    • Define who is most at risk for having challenges transitioning into new employment
    • Identify several common options to consider
    • Narrow their list of options
    • Research appropriate options to consider
    • Identify appropriate sources of information for options exploration
    • Identify appropriate skilled professionals who can help them with their decision-making process
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