Social Media & Career Success

Workshop:  Social Media & Career Success –  By Maintaining a Positive Online Presence
    Social Networking, Photos & Videos, Email, Websites, Blogging and “Personal Branding”
  • Overview:
Participants will understand what an “online presence” is; why it is important; how they can build, monitor, and manage their online presence; and how to build a personal/professional brand. They will receive tips and resources for what to do, and what not to do, to ensure their social media contributes to their career and job search success.
Learning Outcomes:
Participants will:
    • Define what is an “online presence”
    • Define what is “personal branding”
    • Receive tips for what to do to create a positive online presence
    • Receive tips for what not to do to maintain a positive online presence
    • Learn how to use social media in job search efforts
    • Learn about local resources to support online presence goals
    • Receive online resources for maintaining their online presence
  • Downloads:
  • Related Resources and Tools
    • Tutorials & Other Helps

      • LinkedIn:
    • Personal Branding Help
    • Downside of Social Media (Cyber-bullying/Fake News/Scams/Hacking)
    • Consequences of Negative Online Presence

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