Career Success Starts Now

Workshop:  Career Success Starts Now:  What You Need to Do Now to Achieve Your Dreams

  • Overview:

Many students tend to assume that in order to achieve their career dreams all they have to do is go to class and get good grades. Then when they graduate, their will be a job waiting for them. Yet career success involves much more than just classroom success. Participants will learn about what they need to know and do to translate their education into a good job.

  • Learning Outcomes:
Participants Will:
    • Understand That Career Success Involves More Than Just Passing Classes
    • Recognize What Types of Skills are Needed for Career success
    • Recognize What is a ‘Career Pathway’
    • Identify Resources Available to Help Them Prepare for Post-School Employment
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    • So How Do You Find and Get Your Dream Job?
    • Success
    • The Journey
    • Reaching Career Goals
    • Decision-Making Variables
    • Rapidly-Changing World
    • Generational Values
    • True Self
    • Life-Long Learning Options
    • Hidden Rules
    • Opportunity vs. Security

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