Identifying Your Transferable Skills

Workshop:  Identifying Your Transferable Skills:  Are You a Team Player, Problem Solver, Leader, or Great Communicator?

  • Overview:

Participants will learn what transferable skills are. They will know how to identify many transferable skills they have developed as a result of their innate abilities, education, work experience, and life experiences.  Participants will also receive information about how to find potential jobs/careers that need such transferable skills. 

  • Learning Outcomes:
  Participants will:
    • Know the difference between skill and talent
    • Know the difference between technical skills and transferable skills
    • Know why transferable skills are important
    • Know how talents can be developed into skill
    • Understand how to develop transferable skill
    • Identify current transferable skills
    • Identify desired transferable skills
    • Know how to identify which jobs need specific transferable skills

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