Unemployed and Looking for Answers

Workshop:  Unemployed and Looking for Answers – What they need: Information, Resources and Support
  • Overview:
Participants will receive helpful and practical information and resources for where to find information, resources and support for their job search process;  how to transition into a new direction for a new career; and how to address their educational needs and questions; how to address and meet financial, personal, and emotional needs; how to discern where their priorities should be so they can discern what to do next.  
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  • Learning Outcomes:
Participants will:
    • Understand that the world is in a constant state of rapid change.
    • Know three primary category of needs for most unemployed people.
    • Know how to identify their individual needs.
    • Know where to get the necessary Information to address their needs.
    • Identify appropriate Resources to address their individual needs.
    • Identify appropriate sources of Support to address their individual needs.
    • Will prioritize their individual needs.
    • Identify their next step in dealing with their employment status. 
  • Workshop Presenter:
            ​Kathleen E. High, M.Ed., CCSP, FCD-I
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