Unfamiliar Worlds

Workshop:  Unfamiliar Worlds – Navigating New Worlds and Adjusting to New Environments (College, Work, Military, Unemployment, New Cultures, and Beyond)

  • Overview:

Entering new environments brings unexpected and potentially uncomfortable challenges. People need to learn how to recognize and respond to those challenges. Participants will learn recognize what are new worlds, the challenges they bring, and how to identify potential available tools, resources, and support that will help them navigate their new worlds, and learn about the consequences of failure to effectively navigate.

  • Learning Outcomes:
Participants Will Be Able To:
    •  Define What is an Unfamiliar World
    • Identify Why Unfamiliar Worlds are Difficult to Navigate
    • Register That Entering New Environments Brings Unexpected and Potentially Uncomfortable Challenges
    • Receive Tools to Help Them Navigate Their New Worlds
    • Receive Tips to Help Them Fit into Their New Life
    • Understand the Power of Hidden Rules
    • Receive Tips for Dealing with Hidden Rules
    • Understand How “Jumping Through Hoops” Will Impact Their Journey
    • Recognize the Consequences of Failing to Effectively Navigate Unfamiliar Worlds

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