Give Hope – Acquired Disabilities or Physical/Mental/Emotional Limitations

Case Studies: Acquired Disabilities or Physical/Mental/Emotional Limitations

“I’m now disabled, so my career is over, therefore my life has ended” 
(High profile cases of people whose career and/or career aspirations unexpectedly ended)
GermanWings Co-Pilot, Andreas Lubitz, had always dreamed of being a pilot. Yet he deliberately flew Flight #9525 into the side of a mountain killing all 150 onboard the flight. Investigation is ongoing regarding his motives, but to date, clues have been found that could suggest the likely motive: He had recently been declared ‘unfit to fly’ by his doctors because he struggled with mental illness. Evidence is coming to light that he struggled with depression and schizophrenia. He knew very well that a pilot needs to be in excellent physical and mental condition to be qualified for this dream career he had achieved. He probably believed his dream was over, and probably was afraid to discuss this fear with anyone for fear it would end his career.
Person in despair
Person in despair


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See “Different Types of Counselors” to understand how mental health counselors and rehabilitation counselors can facilitate the transition of individuals with newly-acquired disabilities.