Give Hope – Life’s Work No Longer in Demand

Case Studies: Life’s Work No Longer in Demand

“My career is over, therefore my life has ended” 
(High profile cases of people whose career and/or career aspirations unexpectedly ended)
After almost 30 years as the owner of a local, well-known auto dealership, Lenny Woods was devastated at having to sell his dealership during the economic downturn in 2010. In response, he committed suicide:
… business for the dealership had declined precipitously in recent years with the fall of the housing market, increasing popularity of import cars, decrease in discretionary spending and the higher cost of gas, Woods told the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin in April. At the time, Woods was distraught over the loss of his life’s work.
Document “When Skills are No Longer in Demand” gives options and resources for people faced with this challenge
Person in despair
Person in despair
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