Give Hope – Caught Up in Social-Political Controversy

Case Studies: Caught Up in Social/Political Controversy

“My career is over, therefore my life has ended” 
(High profile cases of people whose career and/or career aspirations unexpectedly ended)
Police Officers Accused of Excessive Force:​
  • Officer Darren Wilson became a household name after his controversial shooting killed Michael Brown and caused political unrest in Ferguson, Mo. Officer Wilson was eventually cleared of wrong doing in the incident, which further escalated national tensions and leading to rioting. He eventually resigned his job without benefits, knowing he will never be a police officer again. During the firestorm that threatened the safety of his life, he married his pregnant girlfriend. One can only imagine the stress of living under these circumstances would produce in this man’s life.
Same Sex Marriage Rights vs. First Amendment Rights of Freedom of Religion and Speech:
  • Aaron and Melissa Klein, bakery owners in Oregon, have been sued, lost their business, and barred from speaking about it, when they refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding.
Person in despair
Person in despair

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